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There's no track ahead!!!

And those idiots at Rambunctious Rails™ couldn't make a train that can stop... or rails that don't break after one use... or literally anything that functions properly... (How do they even make money!?) Regardless, the train must go on, and it is your job to ensure it doesn't crash! Place down rails on the end of a shortening track to prevent it from derailing. You may not know where you're going, but that doesn't matter! Just make sure the train keeps going for as long as you can!

Place down rails that connect to other rails to keep the train from running off the tracks.

The train will speed up as the game goes on.
Meteors will fall periodically and make the game harder.
A golden track will always be on the field, providing bonus points if the train crosses it.
Train Stations will spawn periodically they will stop the train for a few moments.
Use the mouse and left click or number keys 1-4 to select the next tile to place.
Use the mouse and left click to place the selected tile.
Use the mouse and right click to destroy a tile.
Press escape to exit.

Game Art - Neil Jones
Mechanics - Josh Baker, Michael DiFranco, Matthew Bofenkamp
UI - Emilio Arias, Cameron MacDonald
Sound Design - Evan Roll, Michael DiFranco


Rail Repair Rampage.zip 29 MB


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Very impressive!!