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You are LAZARUS, a greek soldier and chosen of the God Apollo.
Brought back from the dead, it is your task to take back your fort
from the invading barbarians. Your shield is all you have left,
but that's all you need. Deflect, throw and bash your way through
enemies, and take back your fort, and your honor!

Keyboard and Mouse:
Movement: A and D
Interact: E
Jump: Space
Bash: Press Left Click
Block: Hold Left Click
Aim: Mouse
Throw: Hold and Release Right Click
Quit: Escape

Wired PS4:
Movement: D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
Interact: Square
Jump: Cross(X)
Bash: Press R1 or R2
Block: Hold R1 or R2
Aim: Right Analog Stick
Throw: Hold and Release L1 or L2
Quite: Options

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsJosh Baker, Michael Hense, Plygon
GenrePlatformer, Action
TagsGame Jam

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and keep all the contents in the same folder. Run the executable to start.


EndlessAegis.zip 19 MB


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Nice work!