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Bridge Boy's Island Adventure

Darwin Dude has discovered a brand new island filled with peculiar beings, which he playfully nicknamed, "Log Lads". Upon studying these wooden, Tiki-like creatures, he discovers that they have been afflicted with a strange illness. He needs your help to collect the inhabitants for his research! Of the virus. For the vaccine. Of course.

Play as Bridge Boy, a caring being whose affection extends as far as his loving arms! Use your stretchable, bridge-like arms to guide the Log Lads across crevices to escape the island.


Move/Rotate: Arrow Keys
Toggle Walk/Roll: Left Shift
Extend Arms: X
While Rolling:
    Grab Left: Z
    Grab Right: C
Wake Critters: Enter
Press Space when enough critters are in the goal to move on to the next level

Tab: Hide/show tutorial text
Escape: Quit


Bridge Boy.zip 37 MB

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